metrics # 5 the handbook of communication audit

outra obra quase essencial!!

sobre ela se diz:

"Why are some organisations successful, while others perish in the marketplace? Evidence is growing to suggest that a key part of the answer is communication. How people interact with each other, or fail to do so, often determines an organisation's overall prospects of success. Accordingly, there is growing interest in techniques which can be employed to measure current communication effectiveness and enable targets to be set for improvements.
The Handbook of Communication Audits for Organisations equips readers with the vital analytic tools required to conduct assessments. Owen Hargie, Dennis Tourish and distinguished contributors drawn from both industry and academia:
review the main options confronting organisations embarking on audit
discuss the merits and demerits of the approaches available
provide case studies of the communication audit process in action
discuss how audit findings can be interpreted so suitable recommendations are framed
outline how reports emanating from such audits should be constructed.
The Handbook will be invaluable to students of organisational communication, as well as the growing number of communications managers in the business world. "

e eu concordo!