KD Payne cita Metrica sobre benchmarks de resultados de PR

"(Metrica) They've compiled data from some 3 million articles about 700 organizations including business to business, While it is definitely leans towards a UK perspective, it does offer some useful datapoints. Some highlights:

A little over a quarter (26%) was classified strongly favorable.
The percentage of strongly favorable coverage was lower for government departments, independent organizations, charities, financial organizations and telecoms companies.
only 8% of all coverage was classified unfavorable
an average of 23% of coverage mentioned an organizations’ spokesperson
An average of 42% of articles delivered a key message, although across all coverage this amounted to 2.3 message deliveries per article
finance experienced by far the most negative press, with 15% of articles being unfavorable.
retail sector also suffered over the course of 2007, although this sector experienced the strongest message delivery with almost 80% of articles featuring a key message.
IT and telecoms/internet were relatively weak on message delivery with just 31% and 35% of articles respectively delivering a key message. This highlights the problem that tech PR often faces in translating marketing messages into PR messages that a journalist will write about.
Online coverage featured strongly for the IT and finance sectors, although
Despite concerns about the world economy in the latter half of 2007, there was actually more negative coverage in 2006.
Each month the average UK organisation achieves:
Number of articles / media pieces –492
Opportunities to see (OTS) –283 million
Reach to all adults –16.6 million
% reach to all adults –35%
Average number of exposures per person reached –11"

Bom para saber o que se anda a fazer e quais os referentes da indústria